27 Burgundy and Gold Designs Nails That Turn Heads

Welcome to a world of elegance and sophistication as we dive into the exquisite realm of “ burgundy and gold nails design.” This dynamic color duo, with its rich burgundy and opulent gold accents, brings a touch of luxury to your fingertips. Whether you’re aiming for a chic, festive look or simply want to elevate your everyday style, these nail designs offer endless possibilities. Explore a curated selection of stunning designs, featuring burgundy nails with gold, maroon nails with gold, matte burgundy nails with gold  accent , and more. Let your nails become a canvas of beauty and allure, making a statement with every gesture.

27 Gold and Burgundy Nails Design Suggestions:

1- Golden Accents:

burgundy nails with stripes
Source: pngtree.com

Add golden stripes or dots to burgundy nails for a timeless look.

2- Gradient Glam:

burgundy and gold from base to tip
Source: beautyguts.com

Blend burgundy and gold from base to tip for a smooth transition.

3- Matte Burgundy and Gold Nails with Flame:

Burgundy Nails with Golden Flames
Source: etsy.com

Paint fiery gold flames over a dark burgundy background.

4- Golden Glitter:

glitter over a matte burgundy base nails
Source: intrest.com

Sprinkle gold glitter over a matte burgundy base.

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5- Elegant Chevron:

chevron patterns with burgundy and gold alternating nails
Source: byride.com

Create chevron patterns with gold and burgundy nails.

6- Burgundy Blossoms:

gold floral designs on burgundy nails
Source: pintrest.com

Hand-paint intricate gold floral designs on burgundy nails.

7- Luxurious Ombre:

Ombre from burgundy to gold
Source: pintrest.com

Ombre from burgundy to gold for a lavish effect.

8- Art Deco Chic:

Deco art nails
Source: sonailicious.com

Embrace art deco-inspired geometric patterns in gold and burgundy nails.

9- Burgundy Bowtie:

golden bowtie accents on deep burgundy nails
Source: aliexpress.com

Paint golden bowtie accents on deep burgundy nails.

10- Glitzy French Tips:

Glitzy French Tips
Source: wedabout.com

Give your French tips a glitzy twist with gold accents.

11- Golden Leaves:

Golden Leaves on burgundy nails
source: pintrest.com

Add gold leaf motifs to maroon nails for a regal touch.

12- Burgundy Waves:

golden wave on maroon nails
Source: nailkicks.com

Paint golden wave patterns over a burgundy sea.

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13- Glamorous Glaze:

burgundy nails with a golden top
source: ndnailsupply.com

Cover burgundy nails with a golden glossy topcoat.

14- Half Moon Nails Design:

half moon nails
Source: pintrest.com

Create half moon nails designs with burgundy and gold color.

15- Burgundy and Gold French Mani:

Burgundy and Gold French Mani
Source: Pintrest.com

Classic French manicure with burgundy and gold tips.

16- Sparkling Stars:

star decals on burgundy nails
Source: pinterest.com

Place golden star decals on burgundy nails.

17- Embossed Elegance:

burgundy and gold nails
Source: thexofactor.com

Choose burgundy and gold embossed designs for texture.

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18- Vintage Vines:

maroon nails
Source: alliance.health

Vine patterns in gold over maroon nails for a vintage look.

19- Golden Swirls:

golden swirls on burgundy nails
source: nailkicks.com

Paint delicate golden swirls on matte burgundy nails.

20- Glitter Gradient:

burgundy nails with charming golden accents
Source: pinterest.com

Transition from glittery gold to deep burgundy.

21- Burgundy Charm:

burgundy nails with charming golden accents
source: pintrest.com

Adorn burgundy nails with charming golden accents.

22- Regal Stripes:

gold stripes on maroon nails
Source: pintrest.com

Thin, regal gold stripes on maroon nails for a royal touch.

23- Burgundy Nails with Gold Foil:

burgundy nails with gold foil
Source: pinterest.com

Use gold foil to create intricate designs on burgundy.

24- Matte Majesty:

matte burgundy nails
Source: instagram.com/nailsbyryoko/

Opt for matte burgundy nails with subtle golden details.

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25- Burgundy Nails with Gold Chains:

chain design on red nails
Source: aliexpress.com

Decorate with chain-like patterns in gold.

26- Golden Allure:

gold patterns over burgundy
Source: chasingdaisiesblog.com

Achieve alluring charm with gold patterns over burgundy.

27- Metallic Majesty:

metallic gold and burgundy nails
Source: pintrest.com

Shine with metallic gold accents on deep burgundy.


From the opulence of maroon nails with gold to the subtlety of matte burgundy nails adorned with golden accents, the world of burgundy and gold nail designs offers a multitude of options to suit your style and occasion. Whether you’re looking for a touch of glamour or a classic yet bold statement, these designs are sure to leave a lasting impression. Embrace the fusion of elegance and luxury as you experiment with these exquisite combinations, making your nails a canvas for artistic expression and personal style. So, which of these burgundy and gold nail designs will you choose to elevate your look? The choice is yours to make your nails shine with a touch of sophistication.

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