Chic Fishnet Outfit Ideas: 12 Stylish outfits to Try in 2023

Adding fishnet stockings to different outfits can enhance their style, whether it’s a relaxed high school look or a formal office attire suitable for women in their forties and beyond. Nonetheless, it can appear somewhat daunting if you’re unsure about the process.
Fishnets have been around for over a century, gaining popularity in 1920 and  Occasionally in and out of fashion since then.
Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé have been wearing fishnets on stage and at public events, bringing these stockings back into fashion in 2023. Therefore, it’s a wise idea for you to familiarize yourself with different fishnet outfit ideas.
Therefore We have 12 interesting ideas to style up in 2023.

12 Fishnet Outfit Ideas

Check Out these fascinating Fishnet Outfit Ideas to rock in 2023.

1- Mini Dress with Heels:

Mini Dress with Heels

The first suggestion involves wearing fishnet stockings under a short dress and pairing them with heeled shoes to create an ensemble that evokes the image of a celebrity confidently walking down the red carpet. To achieve this look, opt for a pair of micro nets rather than fishnets with wide diamond openings. You can complete this style by donning black fishnet stockings under a short black blazer dress, a black bodycon sweater dress, or a short white dress. When it comes to footwear, you have the choice of open-block heels, pointed-closed heels, or knee-high boots.

2- Wear Ripped Jeans and a Jacket over the Fishnet:

Wear Ripped Jeans and a Jacket over the Fishnet

Dressing in ripped jeans and a jacket layered over fishnet stockings creates a trendy and edgy look. This style effortlessly combines comfort with a touch of rebellion, making it a favorite among fashion-forward individuals. The ripped jeans add a distressed and worn-in vibe, while the fishnet stockings peeking through the tears provide an unexpected twist.

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3- Fishnet Stockings with a Pair of Jeans Shorts and Boots

Fishnet Stockings with a Pair of Jeans Shorts and Boots

Pairing fishnet stockings with denim shorts and stylish boots creates a chic and eye-catching ensemble. This fashion choice seamlessly blends a sense of edginess with casual comfort, making it a popular option for those seeking a trendy look. The fishnet stockings peek out from beneath the shorts, adding a playful yet daring element to the outfit.

When combined with a stylish pair of boots, this ensemble exudes a confident, urban vibe, perfect for a night out with friends or a music festival. Embracing this style allows individuals to showcase their unique fashion sensibilities and stand out in any crowd, making a bold fashion statement. It is best for a high school girl outfit.

4- Long Top Coat with Pair of Heels or Boots


A long top coat, paired with heels or boots and fishnet stockings, creates an effortlessly elegant and sophisticated look. This fashion choice seamlessly combines warmth and style, making it a versatile option for various occasions.

The fishnet stockings peek out from beneath the coat, adding a touch of allure to the ensemble. When paired with high heels or boots, this outfit exudes confidence and poise, making it suitable for a night out, a formal event, or even a chic office look. Embracing this style allows individuals to embrace a timeless and fashionable appearance, effortlessly blending classic and modern elements into a captivating and confident statement.

5- Fishnet Stockings Under a Long High-Slit Dress:

Fishnet Stockings Under a Long High-Slit Dress

For the next fantastic outfit idea, consider wearing fishnet stockings under a long high-slit dress, drawing inspiration from the red carpet. Opt for a plus-size high-slit dress paired with black micro nets. To complete this stylish look, slip into a pair of high heels, and I assure you, it’s a showstopper, especially if you choose a rose or red dress.

Alternatively, you can elevate your style with a high-slit black dress, matched with knee-high black boots, creating an alluring and chic appearance. This outfit exudes a sexy vibe, and it becomes even more sizzling when worn with a black dress.

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6- Leather Jacket and Tow Piece with a Fishnet

Leather Jacket and Tow Piece with a Fishnet - Fishnet Outfit ideas

I’m thrilled to present an exciting leather outfit idea that pairs perfectly with fishnet . This style involves wearing a two-piece ensemble and topping it off with a leather jacket, making it suitable for casual or streetwear looks.

You can put together this outfit by combining a short skirt with a strapless crop top bra, opting for a short leather dress paired with a crop top leather jacket, or even selecting shorts jeans with a crop top jean top. Whichever combination you choose, you can enhance the overall look by adding a pair of Tight fishnet stockings underneath.

7- Floral Dress With Denim Jack:

Floral Dress With Denim Jack- Fishnet Outfit ideas

This fishnet outfit idea is awesome this idea gives you an elegant look. Imagine wearing a beautiful dress covered in colorful flowers. That’s the “floral dress.” It’s so pretty and comfy for a sunny day out. Now, picture adding a cool “denim jacket” on top.

It’s like the kind of jacket you wear to stay warm and stylish. And guess what? You can make this outfit even more fun by wearing “fishnet stockings” on your legs. These are like tight, stretchy socks with a cool pattern. So, you’ve got a lovely dress, a trendy jacket, and funky stockings – a perfect mix for a fashionable and elegant look.

8- Fishnet with Cowgirl Outfit

Fishnet with Cowgirl Outfit- Fishnet Outfit ideas

Picture this: a fun and stylish cowgirl outfit, just like you’ve seen in movies. Now, imagine adding a playful twist with “fishnet stockings.” These stockings are like super cool, netted socks that give your cowgirl look a touch of excitement. They make your legs look fancy and unique.

So, you’ve got your cowgirl boots, your denim jeans or skirt, and your plaid shirt, and now you’ve spiced it up with these fun stockings. It’s like mixing classic and modern in one outfit – perfect for a day of adventure and showing off your awesome style.

9- Tank Midi Dress with Chainmail Fishnet Dress

Tank Midi Dress with Chainmail Fishnet Dress

Imagine a “tank midi dress” – a comfy and sleeveless dress that goes below your knees. It’s perfect for a warm day and looks pretty. Now, think about adding something really special: a “chainmail fishnet outfit.” It’s like a dress made of tiny, shiny rings, and it’s see-through, like a net.

When you wear it over your tank midi dress, it’s like magic. It gives your outfit a unique and edgy style. You’ll shine and shimmer as you walk, and people will notice your fantastic fashion sense. It’s a combo of elegance and boldness, perfect for a night out or a fancy event.

10- Sneaker Ball Outfit with Fishnet

Sneaker Ball Outfit with Fishnet 

A sneaker ball outfit with fishnet is a fun and trendy style for a special event. Start with a comfortable pair of sneakers that match your outfit. Then, add fishnet stockings or socks to give your look a unique edge. Pair these with a stylish dress or skirt and a matching top.

You can accessorize with statement jewelry and a clutch bag. This outfit is both fashionable and comfortable, making it perfect for dancing the night away at a sneaker ball event. Don’t forget to style your hair and add some makeup to complete the look, and you’ll be ready to have a great time!

11- Shorts with Fishnet and Check Print Shirt

Shorts with Fishnet and Check Print Shirt

Imagine putting on a pair of “shorts” – those comfy, leg-baring bottoms that are great for hot weather. Now, add a touch of flair by wearing “fishnet stockings” underneath. These stockings are like cool, netted socks that make your legs look stylish and fun. On top, go for a “check print shirt.”

It’s a shirt with a pattern of squares or checks that adds a playful vibe to your outfit. This combo of shorts, fishnets, and a check print shirt is perfect for a relaxed, trendy look. It’s ideal for a casual day out, like a fun picnic or a stroll in the park.

12- All White Outfit

white fishnet outfit- Fishnet Outfit ideas

A white fishnet outfit consists of a delicate, net-like material worn as a layer. Paired with a white crop top, which is a short shirt that exposes the midriff, it creates a trendy and stylish look. Completing the ensemble are white pants, offering a clean and sleek appearance.

This outfit is perfect for warm weather or casual occasions, giving off a fresh and summery vibe. The white color adds a touch of elegance and simplicity to the overall outfit, making it easy to mix and match with different accessories or shoes for various fashion choices.

FAQs about Fishnet Outfit Ideas

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about fishnet outfit ideas.

Q- Are Fishnets Still in Style in 2023?

A- Fishnet stockings have been getting in and out of trend since 1920. In recent years, they seem to have come back.
In fact, in 2022, we have observed celebrities wearing them on various occasions. This, for sure, has solidified their return on-trend. As such, in 2023, we should expect more of these outfits.

Q- What do you Wear with Fishnets?

A- Fishnets can be worn with various outfits and shoes. In terms of outfits, you can wear them with ripped jeans, mini-skirts, shorts jeans, crop t-shirts, crop tops with hoodies, blazers, and more.

As for shoes, heels are popular among ladies who wear fishnets with formal outfits. And knee-high boots, ankle boots, and sneakers are worn by girls who wear fishnets with casual outfits.

Q- Do Plus size plus size women’s fishnet outfits?

A- Yes, there are plus-size fishnet outfits available for women. Fishnet clothing comes in various styles, including dresses, bodysuits, stockings, and more, designed to accommodate different body sizes and shapes.

Final Thoughts

Fishnet stockings can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. And if you were hesitant and skeptical as to whether they are outdated, you can go ahead and get them for they are back on trend.

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