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Lil Meech, whose real name is Demetrius Flenory Jr., is the son of Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, the co-founder of the infamous drug trafficking organization called the Black Mafia Family (BMF). The BMF operated primarily in the United States during the late 1990s and early 2000s. While his father gained notoriety for his involvement in illegal activities, Lil Meech pursued a career in the entertainment industry. He has been involved in acting and has expressed interest in portraying his father’s story on screen. Please note that there may have been further developments since my last update, so it’s advisable to refer to more recent sources for the most up-to-date information.

Lil Meech Biography

Full Name Demetrius Flenory Jr.
Nick Name Lil Meech
Date of Birth April 22, 2000
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan
Place of Residence Miami, Florida
Age 23 Years
Ethnicity Mixed African
Nationality American
Parents Demetrius “Big Meech” Edward Flenory and Latarra Eutsey
Siblings 2 hald-siblings (Neeka)
Height 5 ft 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight 60 kg
Occupation/Source of Income Rapper, Songwriter, Actor Merch Sales
Instagram @lilmeechbmf
Net Worth $3 to 10 million


Lil meech Career
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Lil Meech is a multi-skilled artist who has made a name for himself in both the realms of acting and music. With his broad range of skills, he has captivated audiences as an actor while simultaneously making waves as a rapper, known for his uncommon talent in crafting pop and hip-hop music. Beyond his successful acting career, Lil Meech has collaborated with numerous renowned music stars, showcasing his creativity and ability to harmoniously blend genres. His discography boasts a plethora of chart-topping hits that have reverberated with fans across the globe, consolidating his position as a prominent figure in the music world. Through his unique blend of catchy melodies, wise lyrics, and infectious energy, Lil Meech has cultivated a dedicated fanbase and continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

  • Bad Habits.
  • Intro.
  • Psycho.
  • Paranoid.
  • On What?.
  • Ben 10,
  • .44.
  • On MeTr4pstar.
  • Lil White Boy Anthem.
  • Lockdown.
  • Manifesto.
  • Trust.
  • Dame Lillard.
  • Luv Letter 3.
  • 12 Wings.
  • Hello Hello.
  • Purple Bottles.
  • On The Run.
  • Spooky SZN
  • Ptap life.

His album “Armed N Dangerous” was released in 2020. Lil Meech floated his record label, Blowing Money Fast (BMF), and is the current CEO.


Lil meech controversies

There were reports indicating that Lil Meech was ostensibly involved in an incident where he was accused of stealing Richard Mille’s watch, leading to his arrest. According to the police, he visited Haimov Jewelers in Miami and placed an order for a Richard Mille Watch. As the watch was expensive, he used his $80,000 platinum Rolex as a partial payment, but he failed to pay the remaining $200,000 and did not return the watch. Furthermore, he allegedly attempted to exchange the watch for a different collection from Richard Mille. Eventually, he was apprehended and taken into custody on March 14. He was charged with two counts of first-degree grand theft and one count of organized fraud. Although Lil Meech was released on bond on the same day as his arrest, he chose not to disclose any details about the incident. He appeared unconcerned and only shared a photo of his watch on Instagram.

Success Story

Success Story
Lil Meech has shown a passion for the entertainment industry and has been actively pursuing a career in acting. He has expressed a desire to use his experiences and talents to tell compelling stories and bring characters to life on the big screen. Despite the challenges of having a well-known father associated with organized crime, Lil Meech has been determined to carve out his own path and prove himself. In 2020, it was announced that Lil Meech would be portraying his own father, Big Meech, in the upcoming Starz television series called “BMF.” The series, co-created by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, aims to depict the rise and fall of the Black Mafia Family and provide an inside look into the world of organized crime. This opportunity has been a significant milestone for Lil Meech, allowing him to showcase his acting skills and tell his family’s story from his perspective.

Lil Meech Net Worth

Lil Meech Net Worth
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Lil Meech Net Worth is estimated to be within the range of $3 million to $10 million. Lil Meech makes money as a record producer, rapper, and actor. He is famous for being the son of Big Meech, a convicted American drug baron who made a net worth of over $100 million.

Social Media

Lil Meech is active on social media networks, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. His Twitter account, @LilMeechBMF, has over 2,0000 followers. He has over 3,000 likes and 3,000 followers on Facebook but has amassed a large following on Instagram. His Instagram account @lilmeechbmf has several posts and 2.5 million followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Lil Meech Have Kids?

Lil Meech has no baby mama or kids at the moment.

Who is Lil Meech’s Girlfriend?

Lil Meech is yet to unmask the identity of his girlfriend, but he is rumored to be dating Sabrina Peterson.

How Much Does Lil Meech Make?

Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. appeared in eight episodes of the BMF documentary in 2021. There are no records of how much Lil Meech earns from his movies, but he is expected to be paid handsomely for his roles. He is rumored to earn over $2,000 as a salary every month; however, the figures could escalate to over $10,000 or more if earnings from his album sales, song streams, and BMF merchandise were included.

What movies has Lil Meech Appeared in?

Lil Meech has starred in several movies and shows, including Black Mafia Family (2021), Euphoria (2022), Taurus (2022), and Goodnews.

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