Regal Attire: Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Attending an Elton John concert is not just a musical experience; it’s a chance to celebrate the flamboyant style of a rock legend. Sir Elton John, with his extravagant outfits and unique fashion sense, has inspired generations of music lovers to embrace their individuality and express themselves through clothing. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore 25 engaging Elton John concert outfit ideas that will help you channel your inner rock star and create a memorable fashion statement at the concert.

Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Dressing like Elton John is all about embracing bold colors, extravagant accessories, and daring ensembles that demand attention. Here are 25 outfit ideas to help you achieve that iconic Elton John look:

1- Sequined Brilliance:

sequined jacket

Adorn a sparkling sequined jacket with a matching top and pants for a dazzling and eye-catching look. Don’t forget the signature tinted sunglasses.

2 Regal Velvet:

velvet suit

Step into a luxurious velvet suit in a rich jewel tone like purple or emerald, paired with platform boots.

3 Glitter Glam:


Opt for a glamorous jumpsuit adorned with glitter, reminiscent of Elton’s iconic ’70s stage presence.

4 Flamboyant Feathered:

feather jacket

Embrace feathers in your outfit, be it a feather boa, feather-trimmed jacket, or feathered hat.

5 Electric Blue:

Electric Blue dress

A monochromatic electric blue outfit with matching accessories can make a powerful and stylish statement.

6 Seventies Flair:

Seventies Flair

Channel the ’70s with flared pants, a vibrant shirt, and a waistcoat adorned with sequins.

7 Dazzling Cape:

Dazzling Cape

Sport a dazzling cape with intricate designs, perfect for grand entrances and exits.

8 Rockstar Leather:

Rockstar Leather jacket

Don a leather jacket with studded embellishments for that rebellious rockstar edge.

9 Bold Printed Suit:

animal print suit

Embrace bold patterns like animal prints or geometric designs in a tailored suit.

10 Royal Crown:

Royal Crown

Go all out with a regal crown or hat to exude Elton’s sense of grandeur.

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11 Glam Rock Glamour:

rhinestones suit

Combine metallics, rhinestones, and dramatic accessories for a true glam rock look.

12 Bedazzled Denim:

jeans with rhinestones

Customize your denim jacket or jeans with rhinestones and studs for a unique touch.

13 Colorful Platform Boots:

Colorful Platform Boots

Complete your outfit with platform boots in vibrant hues.

14 Eccentric Bow Tie:

oversized, colorful bow tie

Experiment with oversized, colorful bow ties to add a quirky touch to your outfit.

15 Dapper Tailcoat:


Go for a formal tailcoat ensemble in an unconventional color like pink or turquoise.

16 Statement Sunglasses:

oversized sunglasses-Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Flaunt oversized, embellished sunglasses for an air of mystery.

17 Sequined Tracksuit:

Sequined Tracksuit-Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Combine comfort with style by opting for a sequined tracksuit, a nod to Elton’s eccentricities.

18 Golden Glamour:

metallic gold suit-Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Go for gold with a metallic gold suit or accessories for an opulent look.

19 Trendy Tuxedo:

Trendy Tuxedo-Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Add a modern twist to a classic tuxedo with a brightly colored jacket or pants.

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20 Fancy Fedora:

Fedora hat-Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Top off your outfit with a fancy fedora hat, perfect for a touch of sophistication.

21 Rock-Inspired Denim:

denim with a vintage band tee and leather boots-Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Pair denim with a vintage band tee and leather boots for a casual rock vibe.

22 Colorful Scarves:

Colorful Scarves-Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Incorporate colorful scarves or shawls to add flair and movement to your outfit.

23 Sequin-Embellished Jeans:

Elton John concert outfit ideas

Elevate your jeans with sequin appliques or embroidered designs.

24 Jeweled Cuffs:

Jeweled Cuffs-Elton John Concert Outfit Ideas

Accessorize your outfit with jeweled cuffs or bangles for a glamorous touch.

25 Classic Sunglasses and Suit:

Elton John concert outfit idea

Finally, you can never go wrong with Elton’s classic look: tinted sunglasses and a sharp suit.

Now that you have an array of Elton John concert outfit ideas, let your creativity run wild and mix and match elements to create a personalized ensemble that celebrates your unique style.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Can I wear casual clothing to an Elton John concert?

Yes, you can certainly opt for a more casual outfit, but it’s a perfect opportunity to experiment with bold and extravagant fashion choices, just like Elton John himself.

Q: what to Wear to an Elton John Concert?

Dress in flamboyant, stylish attire, channeling Elton’s iconic fashion. Bold colors, sequins, statement accessories, and show your individuality.

Q: What Makeup should I Wear to Complement my Outfit?

Bold and dramatic makeup, such as smoky eyes or brightly colored lipsticks, can enhance your Elton John-inspired look.

Q: Can I Recreate Elton John’s Iconic eyewear?

Absolutely! Look for oversized, tinted sunglasses in various colors and styles to match different outfits.

Q: Are there any Fashion Rules I Should Follow when Emulating Elton John’s Style?

The only rule is to have fun and embrace your creativity. There are no boundaries when it comes to channeling Elton’s iconic fashion sense.

Q: Should I Consider Comfort when Choosing an Outfit?

While it’s essential to feel comfortable, don’t shy away from pushing your boundaries and trying something outside your comfort zone for a memorable concert experience.


Elton John is not only a musical legend but also an icon in the world of fashion and style. His boldness and fearless expression through clothing have left a lasting impact on fans worldwide. With these 25 engaging Elton John concert outfit ideas, you now have the inspiration to create a show-stopping look that pays homage to the rock star’s legacy.

So, as you prepare for the next Elton John concert, let your fashion choices reflect the spirit of creativity, individuality, and fearlessness that he embodies. Embrace sequins, velvet, feathers, and colors that pop, and remember to accessorize with dazzling sunglasses and statement pieces.

Now go out there and rock the concert like a true fashion maverick, celebrating the spirit of Elton John in every step you take!

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